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Celtus Links - This is the Celtus offical website go there and check it out if you haven't already! - This site is my (Elise's) Celtus/Mama's Boys website. Please sign the Guest Book, cheers! - This is the Japanese website created by Nan, I think. If you like Celtus or Mama's Boys it's definatly worth checking out. This site does take a while to load and has pop up menu's. Also this site is in Japanese so don't expect to be able to read much unless you can read Japanese! - This is Neils Wasteland website has all lyrics, news and reviews. - Gile's french site, it too has pop ups. I think you'll get the hang of it. If you can read French you'll understand, but its worth a look in any case. - This site has interviews from 1998 through to 2001. Stuff about the new album, must see this one! You can download the sound files by right clicking on them then 'Save file as'. Happy Listening!

- - This is a page with a Celtus video of Every Step Of The Way, just go to the bottom of the page and you'll find it. Click on it and it comes up with a real audio video player. - Another page of Celtus with a few pictures of the Fleadh last year (2000). -
Here is another site with a small account about Celtus. - This is a site that seems to be unfinished they say they are trying to divert traffic to Celtus and so they should! - Click on artist and 5th group down is Celtus click on that and you'll find another account about them. - This site has some info and a quote from John!

Mama's Boys Links - A Mama's Boys site, some info is wrong though. - Interview with Celtus (John and Pat) about Mama's Boys and Celtus. - History of Celtus.

Non Celtus Links - This isn't about Celtus but other folky music stuff. But does have a link to the Celtus page on this site (thats already listed as my first one). - The Silent Force Official Website. A rock group I have begun to listen to, if you like Mama's Boys then you should like these guys. A band that Patricia and Caroline like. This band were fronted by DC Cooper how is now the lead singer of Silent Force! Also is quite a heavy rock group. A band that Patricia and Caroline like, this group is also a heavy rock group like Silent Force and Royal Hunt
Elise Jones

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